What to expect from therapy...

If you have never been to therapy (and sometimes even if you have been), you can feel overwhelmed with the prospect of coming to a session. Fears about what I as your therapist may think, how you will be impacted by therapy, and maybe even just the "what do I say" can be intimidating. Please know that no matter who you are and what experience you have, most people are nervous about their first session...not to mention their second or third. I hope that you can keep this in mind when you are considering therapy but are nervous about starting.

Other things I would like you to know:

  • Sometimes it takes a few sessions to really develop rapport, feel comfortable, and see results
  • Therapy works best when you and I have a strong working relationship and you feel comfortable with me. As such, I work hard to make you feel safe to share whatever it is you want to share. I also work hard to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and that I am honest and open with you at all times.
  • Therapy works best when you are really motivated and ready to create some change in your life. 
  • What you do outside of therapy sessions is very important to your success. We only meet for 50 minutes in a given week. The rest of that time it is best for you to apply what you have learned and integrate it into your daily life to really see change.
  • I am not here to give you advice but rather to guide you into making the best decisions and changes that you are comfortable with making. The goal is to help you develop the tools you need to create change for yourself. This makes for long-lasting results versus quick fixes. 
  • I am always open to feedback if something is not working for you. I believe that part of what helps our working relationship and what helps you improve in therapy is you feeling comfortable enough to say what is on your mind, even if it may seem uncomfortable to say to me. I am trained and educated to work with you. But, you are the expert on yourself. You live with yourself everyday. I work from the perspective that you know yourself best, and I am here to help guide you in finding the best version of you.
  • Therapy is confidential, which means I will not share what you tell me with others without your knowledge. Confidentiality is the key to you feeling safe in therapy and I want you to know that I understand the importance of it. I work hard to maintain confidentiality of records, payments, etc. in addition to what you tell me.